Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Both car accidents and motorcycle accidents can lead to some of the most serious, unpleasant, and debilitating outcomes— both in the physical and legal sense.

At Lachowicz Law, we promise that each one of our clients who have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident receives the greatest possible representation and compensation.

Your Trusted Car Accident Lawyers

Your life can easily be flipped upside down if you or a loved one has been harmed in a car accident. First, your usual routine of working and caring for your family has abruptly ended. From there, not only have you been injured to a state of potential debilitating disability, but who will pay for your family’s necessities and your medical care if you don’t have a job?

How Our Car Accident Attorneys Help You

If you or a family member is dealing with this type of situation, then you’ll need an experienced car accident team of attorneys that is well-read in handling these types of cases, and can ensure:

Your rights and those of your family are safeguarded

Your medical expenses get paid

Your legal claims will be settled with the most ideal outcome

Your Personal Team of Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Distracted driving, drunk driving, irresponsible driving, speeding, and other variables can all contribute to motorcycle accidents. According to statistics, the majority of motorcycle accidents involve other cars and are caused by the driver of those cars. Motorcycles, on the other hand, provide distinct challenges for inattentive drivers and others on the road.

One of the most prevalent ways drivers hurt motorcycle riders is by failing to check their blind zones or signal before changing lanes or merging. Motorcyclists can be obscured in a driver’s blind zone due to their smaller stature, increasing the risk of a car cutting them off or driving straight into them when changing lanes.

“Door-ing” is another all-too-common mishap that is exclusive to motorcyclists and bicycles. Drivers who park on the side of the road must ensure that the coast is clear before opening their doors and exiting their vehicles. However, many drivers fail to look and open their doors directly into the path of an oncoming biker, resulting in accidents and serious injuries.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are not inherently more common than other sorts of accidents, but they almost always result in serious injury or death.

There are various factors responsible for this, including:

Motorcyclists are far less protected: Passengers and drivers in automobiles are protected in the case of a crash by seat belts and airbags, and the car’s body can shelter them from debris. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, lack these safeguards, putting them in greater danger of being launched from their bikes and suffering catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycles are less able to safely brake: When applying brakes quickly, riders can easily pivot out of control and be flung from their bikes. It’s no secret that automobiles have more powerful and stable braking systems than motorcycles.

Motorcyclists are in less control: In addition to inadequate braking, motorcycles have delicate steering. When motorcyclists swerve swiftly to escape an accident, it’s fairly easy for them to fly off their vehicles or crash into a nearby divider.

Because they have little else protecting them outside of their helmet, it’s understandable that motorcyclists suffer significant accidents such as shattered bones, amputations, spinal cord injuries, and brain damage. Motorcyclists are also in danger of suffering burn injuries as a result of gasoline tank leaks or damage, as well as skin trauma such as lacerations and road rash.

The greater the severity of the injury, the more expensive the damages are going to be. A severe brain injury, for example, may necessitate many surgeries and prolonged hospitalization, resulting in exorbitant medical bills. Long-term injuries may necessitate the consideration of future medical bills. When evaluating how much compensation you are entitled to, our experts will take into account your medical bills, lost earnings, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages. We then diligently examine your accident and gather the facts required to win your case, while ensuring that the culpable parties and their insurance companies do not avoid liability.

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